Hello everyone!

My name is Lulu, I’m 21 years old & fresh out of college. I majored

space buns

 in International relations however I have a deep passion for cooking!

A little back story:

I never really learned to cook until I came to college 3 years ago and that was when I discovered my love for food! I have also experimented with the vegan lifestyle but haven’t fully committed to it 100%. I created this blog to help me stay on track with this diet as I have a huge love for animals and believe in their rights. But growing up in a family of 6 where all we ever had was meat it is really hard to get out of this routine.
I am currently on a pescatarian diet which means I have officially cut out red meats & chicken from my diet! I have also given up dairy too.

The biggest mistake I made with going vegan was eating plain and boring meals which never satisfied me.  So,  I tried recreating my mothers recipes but taking out all animal products from them! For example, my mother makes this amazing lentil curry which usually has red meat in it but I have recreated the dish by substituting the red meat with potatoes and squash! (heres the vegan recipe!)

I hope to share all the recipes that I have learned and recreated with all of you to make your vegan meals even more satisfying! I also hope this blog will help me get off the pescatarian diet and onto a 100% vegan diet.

Thats it for now, thank you for visiting my website & following my journey to becoming a full vegan! xx


Meet my kitty, Diego!