Natural Skincare Routine | Cruelty Free

For years I struggled with teenage acne and used so many products, both high end and drugstore to clear it but it just made things WORSE. The harsh chemicals and scrubs irritated my skin so I said to myself enough is enough! I started researching about natural skincare products and came across the oil cleansing method. Its essentially the use of two or more oils to gently cleanse the skin of dirt, makeup and dead skin. I decided to give it a shot but I was comfortable with just oil cleansing. Over the past couple of months I started introducing a gentle cleanser to be used after oil cleansing which is working great! I also heard so much about rose water and how beneficial it is to the skin so I included that into my routine as well.

So heres my routine:

  1. Oil cleansing with castor oil and jojoba/argan oil (removes makeup easily)
  2. Second cleanse with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  3. Tone with organic natural rose water
  4. Moisturize with jojoba/argan oil

*occasionally I would use aloe vera all over my skin as a mask for 20 minutes

I also never scrub my face! scrubs, exfoliants are all too abrasive and cause unnecessary irritation to the skin. Even those spin brushes, the Clarisonic etc. are horrible for people who are acne prone or sensitive in general. I highly recommend a natural gentle skincare routine.


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