Ben & Jerry’s Dairy-Free Ice-Cream Review!

benandjerry.jpgI’ve spent a long time trying to find vegan ice cream that tastes as good as regular ice cream &
the vegan options I’ve come across are usually tropical which is not the kind of flavor I like.
When I was walking down the gluten/dairy-free aisle of the grocery store, I saw that there were four Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream containers in the freezer! At first I thought they might have put it in the wrong aisle but when I looked closer it said it was dairy-free!!
I quickly looked at all flavors and saw that they had a dairy free chunky monkey and three other flavors, coffee caramel fudge, PB & cookies and fudge brownie.
I’m not really a fan of peanut butter or banana ice cream so I picked up the other two to try.


Fudge Brownie 2/4
This ice-cream is really rich, dense and chocolaty. Ben & Jerry’s almost always has bits of yummy other stuff that makes ice cream a lot more fun to eat however this one didn’t have anything in it other than the main ‘fudge brownie’. That was kind of disappointing and would have tasted way better if it had other components to it. I would rate this 2/5 just because I love chocolate and this didn’t live up to my expectations.


Coffee Caramel Fudge 5/5
This ice-cream is great for coffee lovers as its one of the main ingredients! The added caramel swirls and chocolate fudge bites makes this taste just like a Starbucks caramel macchiato which was my favorite drink to have! This is honestly the best vegan ice-cream I have tried (which isn’t that many), however I cant seem to stop myself from eating it. I will definitely be repurchasing this ice-cream and can’t wait to try the other flavors!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lifebeyondlactose says:

    I’ve tried the fudge one; I’d have to agree that it wasn’t very good. Good to hear about the other one though! The lackluster performance of the fudge turned me off from trying the others, but maybe I was wrong!


    1. Oh no you have to try the others! The coffee caramel ice-cream is heaven! I have also tried the PB & Cookies recently and it truly tastes like Oreos with peanut butter!


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